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AboutKinsley Corp

Kinsley Alberta Ltd. is a leader in providing high-quality, reliable road construction services. We’re your on-the-ground partner when you need guardrails, traffic control or minor grading.

Our team brings years of experience in the road construction industry, and prides itself on being dependable suppliers of project support services. We work safely and diligently to help you complete your projects. You can count on us!


We supply, install and repair guardrails, cable barriers and fences.

We supply and install both minor signs and ground mount signs, and can manage supply and placement of temporary traffic control delineators, signs and barriers.

If your project needs minor grading and topsoil work, consider the construction professionals at Kinsley. The company has a variety of equipment including skid steers, specialty guardrail post pounders, and a variety of trailers to haul equipment and supplies. We’re ready when you need us.

Safety is important at Kinsley, and the team is dedicated to following all laws and industry standards. Kinsley is COR certified, and is a member of the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA), Edmonton Construction Association (ECA), and the Canadian Construction Association (CCA).

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